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Brazil Cleaning data center cleaning Services will keep computer room safe, clean and productive!



All data centers despite their large or small scale need to be cleaned and maintained to ensure the health of the equipment. Regular cleaning extends the life of the hardware, keeps staff members healthy, and improves the overall environmental aesthetics. Data center cleaning technicians perform three basics types of cleaning in your centers. These three types of cleaning can be done in a combination or separately depending on your company’s needs. These services are Under Floor Plenum Cleaning, Exterior Hardware Cleaning, and Tops of floor Cleaning. Depending on the environment and demand these services are provided in different frequencies ranging from daily to even as little as once per year. The choice is up to you with BRAZIL CLEANING SERVICE CLEANERS.


BRAZIL CLEANING SERVICES utilizes the best techniques to remove dust, dirt, and the other common contaminates from your environmentally controlled data center. This means the dirt and dust you can see, but more importantly the contaminants that are too small to see. With sensitive equipment it is critical that you hire a company that specializes in environmentally friendly cleaning methods. Our technicians use vacuums that include HEPA filters to help pull out the particulates from your data centers. Our focus is to get the job done without any disruption or damage being done to your operation. Clearly only the highest trained cleaning specialists are assigned to data center cleaning after completing the proper instruction and training.



Static electricity is not good for computer hardware and the floors in data centers and computer rooms are designed to help dissipate static electricity by giving a conductive path to the ground. Dust and dirt that remains on the floors in these rooms interfere with the dissipation of static electricity. Keeping these areas clean at all times helps avoid disruption to computer or server hardware. Even improper cleaning can damage the floor. The floor can chip or delaminate which takes away the protective nature of this floor which is common in most data centers. BRAZIL CLEANING SERVICE understand the static control floors and uses only the most appropriate tools, chemicals, and techniques to get the floor clean, without damaging the surface.


Data center hardware and all computers produce heat and need to be cooled. Data centers are cooled by the plenum systems that deliver filtered, cool air to the sensitive equipment above them. The air that is circulated around this hardware needs to be clean so that dirt and dust isn’t blown up onto the servers, switches, firewalls, and other equipment. Gravity pulls all the dirt and dust to the floor, right where the plenum system is doing the job of keeping everything cool. Regular plenum cleaning helps prevent contaminants from accumulating. Left to fester and distribute onto the equipment problems like health problems, accidental fire suppressant discharge, higher risk of fire, and clogged circuitry can bring your data center to a grinding halt.


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